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About Jen Dalton

Are you ready to differentiate yourself from the 7 billion  other people on the planet? 

No pressure. As a personal brand specialist with entrepreneurship in my DNA, I help business owners and executives define how  they show up as leaders, make the most of their strengths and tend to their  legacy, growth and visibility. I am passionate about enabling individuals and  companies to define their brand and differentiate themselves in authentic,  credible, and relevant ways to the market.

As a leader and a partner to my clients, I push them to ask  themselves, “What are the conversations that you as an individual want to drive  and shape. What’s the impact that you want to make” 

I want to help clients  take what they know and convert it into their signature frameworks and content, amplify it and make it  into something that can be a value add for the company.

I help my clients understand that personal branding is not  personal bragging. 

Executives and business owners need to establish and promote  their personal brand to help their target partners, clients and community get  to know like and trust them. My goal is to help people to figure out their  passion and their purpose, so I can help them move the needle on their  visibility and impact. I’ve been in the business of helping people my whole life. I  started my professional journey helping my parents at their business, learning  the ropes about being an entrepreneur from them and my grandparents – like I  said, entrepreneurship is in my DNA.

In 2012, after completing an Executive MBA program at Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business, I made a gutsy move into  the entrepreneurship space, launching my branding business.

I am an organizer for 1Million Cups Fairfax as well as an active Member with the Business Women’s Giving Circle at the Community Foundation of Northern Virginia. Giving back is a large part of my ethos which is why I speak at 40Plus and Career Confidence every quarter.  I regularly speak locally and internationally to audiences in  public and private spheres. From the White House to Fortune 500 Companies like  Capital One and Marriott, from conventions with 500 in attendance to private talks, I take a pragmatic approach, offering actionable information that will help my audience grow bit by bit.

In 2015, I took a major step towards  fulfilling my own goal of visibility and impact by publishing The Intentional Entrepreneur, a book  that became a bestseller, outlining the process for building and leveraging  your personal brand as an entrepreneur to grow your business. From solo-preneur to CEO, this book is a guide to help you be more intentional with your choices,  thought leadership, and your reputation. I’m mom to two boys, wife to a husband  as introverted as I am extroverted. I love singing, dancing, and laughing.

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